5 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Bike Cover

May 07,2022

A bike cover is another piece of outerwear and a protective cover for a bike, and a bike cover is a practical item that we must touch. So how should we choose it?


How should I choose a bike cover?


bike cover


When we choose a bike cover, we must look at what the material of the bike cover is made up of. The material composition of the bike cover is critical, it should be able to be flame retardant, waterproof, soft, heat insulation, and finally, the size.


👉Heat insulation against sun exposure


When a bike is exposed to the sun, it will make the Bike's paint age faster and fade more quickly. Sun exposure will also cause damage to some parts of the bike, bike seats for a long time in the sun's exposure, will also cause irreparable damage to the leather of the seat.


You parked for a long time, no bike cover insulation protection, the temperature of the bike seat will be very high, people sitting up very hot. Bike cover can prevent exposure to the sun, the bike cover must have good insulation performance.


👉To flame retardant fire


Flame retardant is not easy to catch fire, can play a role in isolating the source of fire, not easy to burn. If you happen to put fireworks, some fire splashed on the Bike cover, flame retardant Bike cover can prevent burning, a good protection of the Bike from the open fire.


👉Size should be suitable


The size of the bike cover also needs to pay attention to the size of the bike cover, not too big and too small.


If it is too big, when the wind is blowing, the bike cover will swing greatly and will beat the bike, which will hurt the body.


If it is too small, it will not be able to cover the whole body, it will reveal part of the body, and this part of the body will not be protected by the bike cover.


To give the body tailored, so that the bike fits, can better protect the whole body.


👉Good waterproof sealing


Bike cover is a good sealing cover, waterproof performance is also a necessary skill for bike cover. The Bike cover can protect the bike from being baptized by the rain for a long time, keep the body clean and block the rain from entering the bike. So the waterproof seal of the bike cover must be good.


👉Soft enough


The material of the bike cover should be soft enough, if it is too hard, it will scratch the bike, soft can slow down the sharp scratch.


In conclusion


These are the 5 factors you should consider when buying a bike cover, hope it will help you. For more questions, please feel free to contact us.