Can you Store Underwear?

June 25,2022

With the improvement of people's quality of life, underwear storage bag has become an indispensable thing in daily life. Today, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various underwear storage bags.


hanging bag


The first type is called the hanging bag type


The advantage of this storage method is that the bra is easy to identify and take away. However, because the storage bag is not sealed, the bra is easy get dust. Even if the storage bag is put in the wardrobe, it can not guarantee that no dust will get in. And the tightness of the storage bag does not guarantee that the bra will not deform.


The second is a soft storage box


It has the advantage that there is a partition between the bra and the bra for easy sorting. However, because the material of the storage box is relatively soft, the storage box is not easy to stack and place, and the cleaning is not very convenient, so it is not easy to use plastic.


The third type is the plastic box type


The utility model has the advantages of certain support, the bra is not easy to be squeezed by external forces when placed inside, and the cleaning and placement of the storage box are convenient. However, none of the current plastic storage boxes has a partition, which is inconvenient to separate each bra and place the bra.


The fourth traveling storage box


It is difficult to match the size of the cup, and the placement of the bra makes it inconvenient to take it. So the best bra storage tools have not been produced yet.


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