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October 30,2021

Bicycle cover comes with the development of motorcycle and there are so many sorts of covers for bicycle sold on the market including waterproof and UV bicycle cover and so on. Bicycle cover is mainly used to prevent dust, rain and ultraviolet rays, but different people lived in different places spring for a bicycle cover out of different reasons. And today we are going to talk about the problems consumers are worried about.


Waterproof And Uv Bicycle Cover Outdoor Type


Cases of bicycle cover user


John from Chicago


John said that I use one. The benefits of a bicycle cover is that it definitely conceals my bike, protecting it from stealing though unlikely where we live and it should protect it to a degree theoretically. However, the downside of a bicycle cover is moisture especially in rainy days which make it in rust too fast. What’s more, the bicycle cover would act as a sail in heavy winds and it would be even worse if snow piles up on it. 


We can learn from the above sharing that John is worried about the rusting problem and ask for help in a forum. It is not a prudent choice to abandon bicycle cover since it indeed has its advantage in dust and water resistance. Therefore a improved bicycle cover may suit for him such as bicycle cover with vents or coated with polyurethane, a kind of waterproof material. FOSHAN YAHENG PLASTIC PACKAGING CO.,LTD is a professional cover wholesaler, providing bicycle cover with polyurethane coating.


Zoey from Seattle


Zoey said that different from others, the reason why I use a bicycle cover is to keep bird poop and spiders off my bike since I lived in a place near to a park with numerous birds. If I forget to cover my bicycle one day in the morning, it would be bombed by birds and full of spiders. But the former one is worn out, and I want to buy a more durable one this time.


In view of this, the key factor we should take into consideration is easy to clean since every day there are so many birds having a rest on the bicycle cover. Bicycle cover with special coating which allows people to clean the cover only by shaking off would be the best choice for her.


Lily from Boston


She said that sometimes I utilize a cover either for keeping the bike completely dry when camping (rain or overnight dew) or when I get on a trip and have the bike loaded up as well as require to run into Walmart or toilet. A lot less most likely for a person to lift off a cover in a public parking area than walk by and swipe a bag. The only drawback is a cover can act like a sail on windy day and knock the bike over - particularly on a tall, lightweight bike.

What Lily worried about is heavy wind. Well, bicycle with the requisite strap running underneath the cover could help keep it in place when the wind whips up. FOSHAN YAHENG PLASTIC PACKAGING CO.,LTD also provides this type bicycle covers.


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