Different Uses of Laundry Bags

July 11,2022

Because of the laundry bag, we can machine wash with confidence. Not only does it save time and energy, but most importantly, the clothes are also reliably protected.


Laundry Bags


The role of laundry bags can be roughly divided into three aspects:


  • Avoid intertwining clothes;
  • Prevent clothing from being deformed and wrinkled;
  • While reducing the wear and tear of the fibers on the surface of the clothes, it also avoids other excess fluff from sticking on the surface of the clothes.

Overall, the use of laundry bags extends the life of the clothes.


Laundry bags are not only different in size, but they also have different shapes, and different usages, corresponding to different types of clothing, if you choose the wrong one, or if you choose inappropriately, the laundry bag will lose its meaning.


How to choose a laundry bag?


You can put clothes that are prone to tangling, wrinkling, hairballs, and warping during the machine wash in a laundry bag.


Usually, bras, pantyhose, shirts, and clothes with beaded embroidery, rivets, and other prominent decorations on the surface, are easy to hook, etc.


If it is these kinds of clothes, it is not enough to choose only according to the size of the laundry bag.


So, how else can you choose a laundry bag?


Prevent deformation


Of course, no matter what type of laundry bag, as long as you use it properly, it will prevent deformation.


And the anti-deformation here refers to such laundry bags that fit the shape of the bra. The deformation of the bra is avoided to the greatest extent.


But it also has limitations. For clothes with cups, it can only wash bras. But I still have a vest, which many sisters must have bought. It is a camisole with chest pads from Uniqlo. The sponge also needs to be prevented from being deformed, but it cannot be stuffed into this laundry bag.


Wrinkle resistant


Sometimes it's obvious that the shirt isn't a wrinkle-prone fabric. Just because the laundry bag was not used, it was entangled with other clothes, and it was particularly wrinkled after washing. This is still a fabric that is not easy to wrinkle, not to mention another pure cotton. If you don't use a laundry bag, it will become wrinkled after washing.


It is also very simple to use laundry bags to make the washed shirts wrinkle-free. You must carefully grasp these two points.


First, fold your shirts neatly before washing them. How to fold when it is clean, how to fold at this time. Some people take off their dirty clothes, crumple them up, and throw them into the washing machine. Is it reasonable to say that they won't wrinkle?


Second, find a square laundry bag that matches the size of your folded shirt and put the folded shirt flat.




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