Function of Laundry Bag

May 20,2022

First of all, the function of a laundry bag is to prevent winding and stretching, reduce friction with the wall of the laundry barrel, and protect clothes.


laundry bag


Let's talk about whether it is clean or not. First of all, we should correctly understand the role of friction in the laundry. It is to make the detergent and water form bubbles through the added air, to improve the efficiency of removing stains, rather than "rubbing off" the stains with air. Therefore, it will not reduce the cleanliness of laundry due to the increase of laundry bags.


Conversely, the laundry bag is generally designed with mesh, which will not reduce the contact friction between the clothes in the bag and the lotion and water (of course, do not overfill the laundry bag), but also promote the formation of detergent bubbles. Therefore, using laundry bags to wash a small number of clothes is the most ideal state.


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