How to Care for an Idle Suit?

February 24,2022

Suits are generally worn on important occasions and then left unused. We know the cost of suits is very high and if we don't maintain them it will be a huge loss. If you don't wear it, you'd better use garment bags.


Suit with garment bag

How to maintain an idle suit?

Clean your suits often

Dust is the biggest enemy of suits, which will make the suit lose its freshness. Therefore, it is necessary to use a brush to gently remove the dust. Sometimes the suit is stained with other fibers or dust that is not easy to remove. It can be adsorbed with tape paper, and the effect is very good.


A garment bag always helps a lot

Of course, an easier way is to use a garment bag, which eliminates the need for dusting, you can shop it in YAHENG. In addition, if the suit is wrinkled, it can be hung in a place with a little humidity, which is conducive to the recovery of the fatigue of the clothes fibers. However, too much humidity will affect the effect of suit styling. Generally, wool suits are placed in an environment with a relative humidity of 35%-40% for one night to remove wrinkles.


black garment bag


Wooden hanger/suit special hanger

The best hanger for hanging suits is a wooden or plastic wide-handled arc-shaped suit hanger, which is mostly made into a combined clothes hanger. The trousers can be hung with a combined hanger for clothes and trousers, or a special hanger for trousers with clips to align the trouser lines, clamp the trouser legs, and hang them upside down.


Hope this can help you.