How to Choose an Outdoor Sunshade?

October 13,2022

According to its shape, a sunshade umbrella can be divided into a central pillar umbrella, banana umbrella, wrench umbrella, Roman umbrella, sky umbrella, large hanging umbrella, etc. If it can be divided into circles and squares according to its shape, then it can be divided into single-layer and double-layer. According to its material, it can be divided into a wooden umbrella, aluminum umbrella, iron umbrella, etc. So, how can we choose and buy sunshades corresponding to so many styles and prices?




Surrounding environment


For example, where you use an umbrella, the wind is relatively strong, so I suggest you use a double sunshade umbrella. There is a vent at the top of the umbrella, which can keep the stability better; If you are looking for an ornament, you don't pay much attention to the selection of sunshade, just look at the design style of your surroundings!


In terms of price


You can buy outdoor sunshades according to your needs and the acceptable price range.


In terms of materials


To attract people with price, many companies make a big deal in materials. For example, the quality of umbrella cloth, the degree of UV protection, and the thickness of materials can be changed. A little change will lower the price of your products. But in fact, the quality of the umbrella decreases.




Whether the umbrella is equipped with a lamp, a solar lamp, or a power lamp. You can choose according to your needs.


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