How to Choose the Mesh Size of Laundry Bag?

January 07,2022

Actually, the mesh size of the laundry bag will affect the decontamination ability. When you choose a laundry bag, you should pay more attention. Scrolling down and knowing how to choose the mesh size.


washing bag


What is the washing bag for?

The main function of the laundry bag is to protect clothing of fragile materials to prevent them from being damaged during the washing process. In addition, it can also prevent the clothes from being covered with dander, and there is no need to wash the clothes that tend to fall off separately from ordinary clothes.


Tips for choosing the mesh size of laundry bags

The mesh size needs to be selected according to your type of clothing.The fine mesh is suitable for the following clothes:

  • Fragile and deformable fabric
  • Clothes that are easy to be colored and dyed
  • Decorative clothing, such as inlaid with pearls, sequins, etc.


For the rest, you can opt for a laundry bag with a large mesh, because the amount of water passing through is large and it has a strong decontamination ability. We recommend that both types of laundry bags be prepared so that they can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs. Know more types, welcome to copy the URL: