Tips for Selecting Dust Covers for Clothes

November 26,2022

When the season changes, we always put our clothes in the wardrobe. But when opening it, it always smells odd and feels a layer of ash. Maybe you should buy some dust covers.




Tips for selecting dust covers for clothes


  • Determine the size according to the number of clothes. First of all, you can classify your clothes. For example, summer clothes and winter clothes should be separated, and other clothes can be separated according to formal clothes and casual clothes. Especially suits and shirts should be kept separately. Frequently worn clothes can be packed in a storage box, which is more convenient.


  • Materials. At present on the market, the dust prevention effect of oxford cloth is good, and there are moistureproof, vandal proof, and aging resistant effects. The better the quality of the dust cover, the more obvious the effect. Therefore, when selecting, you can feel whether the material is dustproof.


  • Pay attention to the opening of the clothes hanger. If it is too big, it will still fall into dust. If it is too small, it is not suitable. It's hard to take out the coat hanger like this. Pay attention to whether the needle and thread of the dust cover are sewn carefully. For people with cockroaches at home, it is particularly important to work carefully.


  • As for patterns, you can choose according to your own situation. One is made of transparent plastic, so you can see the clothes inside. It will be more practical for people with more clothes. Remember: the dust cover should be larger than the clothes, so that the clothes will not be crowded together, otherwise the clothes will become wrinkled.