Tips for Using Laundry Bags

January 21,2022

The laundry bag is a very important helper for home washing. According to the correctness of use, the fate of this dress can be determined. However, the wrong use of laundry bags can have the opposite effect. Next, we will introduce the skills of using laundry bags.


laundry bag


Don't put all your clothes in one laundry bag


It's good to pack 1 - 2 clothes in each laundry bag or leave about 20 - 30% space after loading clothes in the laundry bag. Not all clothes can be stuffed into a laundry bag. Clothes will rub against each other, resulting in dyeing and reducing the decontamination effect. But if it's socks, underwear, and other small items, it's OK to put several at the same time.


Please fold your valuable clothes first and choose the laundry bag according to the size


When cleaning valuable clothes (such as silk and Tencel), it is best to fold the clothes and put them into a suitable laundry bag. Choose neutral and mild detergent and choose "handwashing mode" or "soft washing mode" of the washing machine to prevent wrinkling or deformation of the clothes.


Please turn over the clothes with decorations before putting them into the laundry bag


When cleaning clothes with sequins, beads, and other decorations, it is best to turn them over and put them into the laundry bag to reduce clothing friction.


Please dry the laundry bag in the shade


After use, the laundry bag should also be ventilated and dried in the shade like clothes to keep the laundry bag hygienic.


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