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October 30,2021

Hanging organizer is a very convenient storage method, suitable for bathroom, horizontal, kitchen, living room, etc. You can place it anywhere according to your needs. I like to place them behind the door to store my miscellaneous things, such as keys, umbrellas, etc. Another option is to hang it in a cupboard.


Buying them is easy, and you can find many customized wholesale hanging organizers for sale both online and in physical shops. If you want to be more unique, making it yourself is a good choice.


customized wholesale Hanging Organizer manufacturer


DIY hanging organizer-method one

Prepare tools and materials

A roll of unworn jeans, scissors, needles and threads, and used plastic wrap.



1. Cut the two trouser legs of the jeans you are not wearing along the dotted line.


2. Cut the two trouser legs into rectangular strips of equal length and width.


3. Use one of the rectangular strips as the back of the storage bag. Fold it in half, but make one side longer and the other side shorter. Fold it in half to make the back of the storage bag thicker. Since the denim has been cut by scissors, both sides must be burrs. Fold the burrs back and sew them with a needle, just like hem trousers.


4. After sewing, put the slender side down and the other side up as the front side of the back of the storage bag. The raw edges are hidden behind, which looks good. Now we need the trouser pocket pull mentioned earlier. Remove the two trouser pockets and sew them to the back of the finished storage bag.


5. With the prototype of the storage bag, check the third step. The long side is just the top side of the present storage bag. Fold the top side back and sew it.


5. After sewing, you can pass the pre-prepared plastic wrap paper tube through, then put a string in the paper tube and hang it up.


6. Finally, you can make it cute and warm through decoration. Use acrylic paint to draw your favorite pattern on the cloth. The acrylic will not fade and will not fall off even when washed with water.


Remove the small beads, sequins and other decorative objects from the unused necklaces and other jewelry, and fix them in the appropriate position of the storage bag like buttons. You can freely design the style according to your own preferences.


DIY hanging organizer-method two

Preparation materials

Hangers, 2 large cotton cloths with the same slope as the hanger, 1 pink and white lace cotton cloth, few pockets, 2 lace cloths, a roll of blue winding, 1 blue rag , A number of cotton core cloth.



1. Cut the cotton core cloth into the same size as the pocket cloth, and then fix the pocket cloth and the cotton core cloth with a pin.


2. Combine the two pieces of fabric into one, and seal all four sides.


3. Grab the folds and sew the lace fabric, and set aside.


4. Fit and sew the pocket fabric and lace with the cotton core sewn.


5. The lace only needs to be sewn on the three sides except the bag mouth. Do the same for the other pocket.


6. Another pocket fabric of the same color and size, facing the pocket fabric that has been laced on the front.


7. After alignment, fix it with a pin.


8. Turn over on the back side (the side of the cotton core) and follow the traces of the previous stitches (except the side of the bag opening), and sew again.


9. Flip the inside of the sewn pocket, the lace will naturally extend outward, and all the threads will disappear.


10. Sew the pocket to the large fabric, and sew it where you want it to be. Remember to fix it with a pin before sewing.


11. Align the pink and white wavy lace fabric with the cotton core fabric of the same size. After fixing the position with a pin, sew the two fabrics together.


12. Cover the fabric on the back of the large fabric on the fabric of step 10, and fix the position with a pin after aligning


13. Seal the edges of the two pieces of fabric. Pay attention to the hypotenuse on both sides of the hanger. Don't seal the edge temporarily, otherwise the hanger will not fit in. Cut off the thread and excess fabric and trim it.


14. Apply a layer of hot melt glue to the hanger hook.


15. Wind the face color thread counterclockwise and wind the hook well.


16. Insert the hanger from the opening of the beveled edge.


17. After the seam is sewn, it is found that there is still room, so start to sew the opening with a needle and thread.


18. Align the pink and white lace fabric of the sewn cotton core fabric with the hypotenuse of the large fabric, and fix it with a pin.


19. Fix it with a red needle and thread hook.


20. Cut out a sky blue triangular rag, a little bigger than the hook.


21. Use hot melt glue to attach the straight part of the hook to the fabric. Remember not to also attach the bent part of the hook, otherwise the hook will not hang.


These methods come from customized wholesale Hanging Organizer manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter. Although the second method seems to have more steps, it is actually relatively simple. If you have the idea of ​​DIY hanging organizer, try using the above two methods to make it.