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November 01,2021

Packaging plays a key role in the strong growth of pet food industry, especially for high-quality brand products. Sustainable and personalized packaging design can catch the attention of pet owners at the first time, which is an important factor to promote orders.


Pet food packaging is a packaging method, in which pet food is stored and packaged in various types of containers to protect food from various pollution factors and maintain the nutritional value of food.


pet food packaging


The development trend of pet food packaging mainly focuses on several aspects:


Advanced nature of packaging


With the continuous spread of pet humanization, pet owners want their pets to eat as healthily as they do.


Flexible packaging is one of the most widely used packaging forms in pet food packaging industry. It provides high barrier performance, temperature resistance and durability. High quality pet food ingredients need good barrier properties to maintain their nutritional and health benefits. The flexible packaging film extends the shelf life of pet food by preventing the transfer of aroma, moisture and oxygen. The bag is equipped with re sealing technology, which also helps to keep high-quality pet food in the freshest state.


Striking graphics, high-quality printing technology and unique material finishes all show consumers that they are buying high-quality products.


Convenience of packaging


Resealability, product freshness and ease of use are all factors to be considered when choosing pet food packaging. To cope with this situation, many successful pet food brands are adopting formats and functions commonly used in the snack industry, such as vertical bags, resealable zippers and tear cuts.


Resealable packaging, also known as repeatable sealing packaging, that is, a zipper that can be opened and closed repeatedly is added to the flexible packaging. This resealable packaging can not only provide convenient storage conditions for consumers, but also help businesses improve their brand image. At first, resealable packaging was mostly used by the food industry, such as candy, baking, dairy products, dried fruits, solid drinks, pet food, etc. now it has been widely used in agricultural products, personal care, medical treatment and other fields, and its application prospect is very broad.


Repeatable sealing technology can not only keep pet food fresh, but also resonate with consumers because they want to use convenient functions to shorten feeding time. If the bag is damaged when opened, or pet owners have difficulty resealing after feeding, they may damage the freshness of the product. 


Sustainability of packaging


When it comes to pets, sustainability is still a factor in consumer behavior. Consumers are increasingly paying attention to and even ensuring that the products they buy are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. For pet food packaging, this means an increase in the use of biodegradable and recyclable materials.


The challenge for manufacturers is that sustainability often conflicts with other packaging trends. Not all environmentally friendly packaging materials can provide the best quality, durability and food safety characteristics required by pet food manufacturers. In addition to improving the recyclability of packaging, successful brands are also providing clear recycling instructions and encouraging users to participate in recycling programs.


With the improvement of the status of pets in the family, pet food has more and more market space. Many businesses also began to make a big fuss on packaging to meet the emotional needs of pet owners and create pet food packaging in line with the times and consumption.


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