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October 30,2021

Guide on how to choose bags for quilt storage

Quilts are bulky and take up more space. Buying storage bags from customized wholesale bags for quilt storage manufacturer can help save space. So how to buy? I think the following points need your attention.


customized wholesale bags for quilt storage


The material of the quilt vacuum storage bag

PA+PE, nylon+polyethylene, is the familiar high-laminated film, that is, high-strength composite film. This material is a prerequisite to ensure air-tightness, but its shortcomings are a bit hard. This is the guarantee of high-quality compression bags which is airtight and durable. It is not recommended to buy MOPE or PVC. PVC is not environmentally friendly, and MOPE has poor adhesion. Generally, there are more air leaks, but the advantage is that it is particularly soft and better than others.



1. A 130*100cm bag can hold two 2m*2m3 quilts (about 10 kg).

2. A 110*80cm bag can hold a 2m*2m3 quilt (about 8 kg).

3. A bag of 100*70cm can hold a quilt of 1m by 8*2m (about 6 kg).

4. A 100*60cm bag can hold 10 to 15 thin sweaters, or 2 pillows.

5. A 70*50cm bag can hold 6 to 8 thin sweaters.


Select the quilt storage bag according to the above tips. When using it, you need to follow the following usage methods and check the precautions


How to use the quilt storage bag

1. Put the quilt that needs to be stored into the quilt storage bag, and be careful not to be too close to the bag mouth so as not to be scratched during sealing. Press the first self-sealing strip with your hand or the sealing clip, from one end of the self-sealing strip to the end. And then press the second self-sealing strip again, from the end of the self-sealing strip from the beginning to the end, press again if necessary, confirm that the two self-sealing strips are completely sealed up and down.


2. Rotate and remove the anti-cap on the exhaust valve first, and then turn the knob half a turn in the counterclockwise direction.


3. Use the suction port of the vacuum cleaner to align the air outlet of the knob to pump air until the storage bag is close to the vacuum state.


4. Tighten the knob quickly in a clockwise direction, then close the dust cap and tighten it. Vacuum compression bags can not only effectively compress the volume of storage, save space, but also prevent moisture, moths, fleas, mites, mold, moisture, and odors, and keep clothes clean.


bags for quilt storage manufacturer


Precautions for the use of quilt storage bags

1. Dry the quilt before putting it into the compression bag;


2. Do not approach heat sources, fires, etc., and do not use nails, needles and other hard objects to directly touch the compression bag to avoid damage;


3. Try not to use it for down products: if the down enters the zipper part of the compression bag, the sealing will be affected; at the same time, some hard feather tubes may be mixed in the down products. Like "leaf bag nails", quilts and clothes are drilled out, which may cause air leakage in the compressed bag;


4. In the zipper part of the compression bag, if there are microfibers and dust entering, it will reduce the sealing performance. Please wipe it with water-soaked gauze and close the zipper;


5. When closing the zipper, slowly pull from one end of the compression belt to the other end. If it is not sealed, please try to pull it again;


6. If the vacuum cleaner is continuously sucked for more than 3 minutes, it may increase the burden of the vacuum cleaner. (If the vacuum cleaner does not work well, turn off the switch and use it after cooling down after 20-25 minutes);

7. The best time to attract with a vacuum cleaner is 1-2 minutes;


8. The compression rate and recovery rate of bedding, etc. will vary due to different materials;
Do not forcefully put in large items that are difficult to put in.


So, where can I buy one?

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