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October 30,2021

Friends who often buy coffee beans will find that the structure of the coffee packaging bag is very special, there will be several "small holes" on the bag, so what is the mystery of the coffee packaging bag?


coffee bag


In fact, these "small holes" have a name called “one-way exhaust valve”. As the name suggests, it is to allow the air on one side to move to the other side and prevent the air on the other side from entering this side.


Why is this design needed?


Because when the coffee is freshly roasted, it can be put into the bag for packaging after cooling to normal temperature. Coffee is in a very fresh state, and coffee beans will slowly emit carbon dioxide. If it is completely sealed, the bag will expand and burst by gas.


Therefore, a valve is needed to discharge the gas inside and block the entry of external air. When the carbon dioxide gas generated by the coffee beans sealed in the bag makes the bag reach a certain pressure, the gas can push the exhaust valve plate from the inside to the outside to discharge the excess gas;


When the pressure in the bag decreases enough to open the valve sheet, the valve closes automatically. The valve will open automatically only when the pressure in the bag is higher than the pressure outside the bag. On the contrary, it will not open, and the outside air cannot enter the bag. Sometimes, the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide may break the packaging of coffee beans, which can be avoided with a one-way exhaust valve.


Squeezing coffee bags to smell is a mistake


When carbon dioxide is discharged, it will also release a large amount of aroma of coffee beans. Therefore, when buying coffee beans, some guests will squeeze the coffee packaging bag to smell to judge whether it belongs to their favorite coffee. This action will affect the quality of coffee.


In fact, these carbon dioxide is also one of the elements to keep coffee beans fresh. The air pressure in the bag can also help raise beans. In addition, the squeezing action will also lose the aroma of coffee beans and affect the quality of coffee beans. Therefore, try to avoid squeezing the coffee bean bag to smell. Therefore, try to avoid squeezing the packaging bag.


Packing bag material


Food packaging materials are generally used for coffee packaging bags. Due to the requirements of anti-oxidation, opaque plastic composites and environmentally friendly kraft paper composites are generally used.


The opaque material is mainly used to prevent direct sunlight. Roasted coffee belongs to food. Exposure to sunlight leads to rapid propagation of microorganisms and affects the quality of coffee.


A sealing strip will also be designed at the opening of the coffee bag. This purpose is to pull the sealing strip after you tear open a bag of coffee to reduce the contact time between air and coffee beans. However, the coffee beans after opening should be enjoyed as soon as possible. Although there are sealing strips, the degree of sealing is not as good as that of unopened. Moreover, frequent opening will also shorten the taste appreciation period of coffee.


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