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October 30,2021

Every season, we have our beloved clothes. In summer, all kinds of beautiful and lovely dress, which are expensive and exquisite need us care. So when the seasons change, we'd better put them all in dress bags before putting them deep in the closet. So, how to choose a dress bag, that is, how to choose clothing protective cover?


dress bag


Style of dress bag




The clothing dust cover of translucent material is used for more, because it is more convenient to choose clothes. It is a kind of plastic. Relatively speaking, plastic dust cover and translucent material will be better.




In recent years, the transparent material of dress bag is not widely used by most people, because it has no privacy. Moreover, it has very strong light transmission. When the sun shines, it may hurt the shell fabric. 


The material of the dress bag


Most of the clothing dust covers on the market are transparent or translucent, and the materials are nothing more than non-woven fabrics and PEVE (a kind of plastic material). Either the whole material is non-woven fabric or PEVA, or it is a mixture of non-woven fabric and PEVA.


Non-woven fabric


The main advantage of the non-woven dust cover is that it is lighter in weight and the surface texture is softer to the touch. At the same time, the non-woven dust cover is more breathable and does not have any irritating taste. The dustproof cover of non-woven material can prevent dust, moisture and insects.


However, non-woven fabrics also have their own shortcomings, that is, its strength is worse than that of the general textile department, and it cannot be washed.




PEVA is the abbreviation of polyethylene-vinyl acetate. This material itself is environmentally friendly and has no taste. One of its functions is waterproof, but the price is more expensive than ordinary plastics, which can be understood as a special plastic material.


Oxford material


The clothing dust cover made of Oxford material is not easy to age, and it is easy to achieve the effect of moisture and dust resistance. For ordinary households, the clothing dust cover of this kind of material is more popular. But at the same time, it is easy to be bitten, so it is easier to damage.


Benefits of using a dress bag


  • Durable enough for travel, transportation and movement
  • Waterproof after zipper
  • Lightweight, it will not increase transportation costs when traveling
  • The material in the garment cover will not harm the fabric


What other applications are there for dress bag?


  1. Put the out-of-season clothes into your pockets and hang them on the shelf in the closet to protect the out-of-season clothes in the closet. During the months when they are not wearing clothes, individuals prevent their clothes from attracting dust, mites or other unwanted elements.


  1. When traveling with clothing bags, passengers should keep their suits, dresses, shirts and shirts free of wrinkles. They can hang the clothes in the car, or let the flight attendants hang the clothes in a special compartment on the plane. In addition, they can use these clothing bags to protect their clothes when traveling in other vehicles.


  1. People protect them when transporting or moving clothes. They can put clothes, shirts, shirts and suits in their bags. Then, they folded them in half and put them in a corrugated box. Once the clothes reach their destination, they can be easily hung out of the box. If the clothes need to be steamed, this can be done later.


  1. Individuals will prevent moisture from damaging their clothes on rainy days, especially when they leave the dry cleaner to go home. Some fabrics are very sensitive to water and may produce unsightly watermarks.


Can dust bags prevent clothes from getting moldy and damp?


The dust bag can prevent mildew and moisture. Dust bag is a single product that is more popular nowadays. As the name suggests, the biggest function of dust bag is definitely dustproof, and it also has functions such as mildew and moisture proof. The dust cover is generally made of non-woven fabric, which has good air permeability and can prevent the intrusion of dust and insects. It has a transparent visible window and the clothes are clear at a glance. A storage bag specially prepared for expensive clothes such as suits.


In a word, putting the clothes in a dress bag has many advantages. If you don’t have enough or don’t try it, what can you wait you? We are customized wholesale dress bag manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter for sale, welcome to contact us for a free quote.