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October 30,2021

Home storage is now a daily habit of the family, such as: tidying up the things that are not usually used, and storing some spare items, etc. When it comes to tidying up the things in the home, it must be inseparable from the word “storage”, consequently, various storage boxes. At present, there are various organizer storage bags on the market. How to choose the one that suits you best?


organizer storage bag


Material of organizer storage bag


The material of the storage box determines the user experience, such as weight, cleaning, durability, etc., so the material must not be ignored. The main materials of storage boxes on the market are plastic, non-woven fabric, and kraft paper. Let's take a look at their advantages and disadvantages.




Due to the strong plasticity of plastic, it can be made into a variety of storage boxes of different shapes for various storage needs. For example, it is used for the storage of dishes and dishes, and the storage of food.


In other rooms at home, storage boxes made of plastic are also very practical. When changing seasons, you need large storage boxes to store all kinds of clothes and quilts. Those who like to do crafts will prepare storage boxes of different sizes and areas. Used to place your own various handmade materials and products.


Non-woven fabric


Non-woven fabrics are generally not waterproof (except for those with waterproof membranes). As the non-woven fabrics are soft as a whole, they are not suitable for making storage boxes that are too large. They are mainly used to store small items and are not suitable for heavy items. The non-woven fabric itself is relatively moisture-proof and insect-proof, and it is a good choice for storing small items such as underwear, socks, and ties.


Kraft paper


Most of the kraft paper storage boxes use renewable kraft paper, the material is environmentally friendly, there are also different colors to choose from, and the appearance is beautiful. Due to material restrictions, generally it can only be made with a fixed appearance, such as square or round, and it is not waterproof or load-bearing. It is only suitable for storing some light items.


The advantages of plastic storage box and kraft paper box


For plastic storage box, plastic can be moisture-proof, cloth box moisture-proof effect is not good; If the box is dirty, it can be cleaned casually, dried with a dry towel, and the cloth box must be dried after cleaning. When the box is empty, the cloth box can be folded and put away without taking up space. The plastic box cannot be folded.


Selection suggestions:


  1. When choosing a plastic storage box, it is best to choose a brand with quality assurance. In addition, smell the pungent odor. Inferior plastic is harmful to the human body.


  1. The non-woven storage box itself is relatively soft, and if large objects are installed, it is easy to break, so it is only suitable for small objects.


  1. The kraft paper storage box is light and can hold some documents and materials, suitable for office use in many places.


Choosing organizer storage bag according to different scenes


Corresponding to different scenarios, the required storage boxes are also different. Because there are many shapes of storage boxes, choosing the right one will not only save space, but also make the space look more harmonious, and it can also ensure aesthetics while storing.


Living room


The living room can buy suitable wall cabinets, or storage shelves, to a certain extent, they are also a kind of storage box. The wall cabinet is placed in the living room, which not only saves space, but also makes the living room look neat and tidy, and increases the storage space, so that all the sundries look orderly and can be better classified.




Nowadays, the kitchen area of every family is not very large, and all kinds of kitchen appliances, as well as various kitchen utensils and ingredients needed for cooking are placed, so the space is relatively very narrow. If you don’t pay attention to organizing and storing If it is, it will be very messy.


You can use the wall to place a row of storage boxes on the wall, and place small bottles and cans in the storage box, which is equivalent to adding a second layer of space to the countertop.




The cleanliness of the bedroom is particularly important, because the debris in the bedroom is the most. If you don’t organize and sort in time, it can be very difficult to find. The first is the clothes in the closet. We can choose storage boxes with different capacities to store clothes of different seasons and place them neatly in the closet. For the storage box in the closet, our organizer storage bag is a good choice.


The above content we have summarized some materials and using scenes of organizer storage bags. If you have any doubts, please kindly feel free to contact us at any time. We are customized wholesale organizer storage bag manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter for sale, providing customers with high quality products and professional service.