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October 30,2021

During the changing season, the storage of clothes is close at hand. Many people have encountered such problems when storing clothes. They felt they had been cleaned when they collected clothes last season, but when they took them out this year, they were moldy! A large part of the reason for this problem is that the storage environment is too humid! Small stains on clothes, after a long time of humid environment, microorganisms become moldy and form black spots. How to effectively prevent moldy clothes? Maybe you need a storage bag!


storage bag


Classification of storage bag


According to materials


Storage bags are mainly PE storage bags, non-woven storage bags and cotton bags;


According to the purpose


There are various kinds, mainly including sundry bags, clothing storage bags, underwear and socks storage bags, fragmentary goods storage bags, automobile supplies storage bags, jewelry bags, Buddha beads bags, etc.


What are the materials of storage bag?


  1. The most commonly used material for storage bags is PET * PE, which is a mixture of two plastic materials. Good adhesion, light weight, small volume, transparent and clean, with waterproof and dustproof function. At present, the most used material is this kind of material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


  1. Mope is also a very common material in supermarkets. However, the total material adhesion is not as good as PET * PE, the sealing effect is not good, it is easy to leak, and the dust-proof and moisture-proof effect is not good.


  1. The non-woven storage bag is more warm and lovely. It has decorative and beautiful effect when used in the home environment. Hanging storage bags made of non-woven fabrics are especially popular with women. But its material has poor water resistance and wear resistance.


  1. Oxford cloth storage bag has the advantages of firmness, wear resistance, soft hand feeling, washability, durability and strong moisture-proof function. It can be folded when not in use, which is easy to carry and does not occupy space. It is a kind of storage bag that can hold quilts, clothes and other things. Oxford cloth storage bag is thicker, wear-resistant, rigid and washable than ordinary non-woven fabrics, so it is very popular in the market.


What are the purchasing skills of storage bags?


  1. It mainly depends on the quality. For example, the vacuum storage bag made of PA and PE is a better one on the market. The vacuum storage bag made of this material can ensure good flexibility and adhesion, and will not leak easily, but the cost is also relatively high.


  1. Most of the storage bags used now are pet and PE, with good adhesion but fragile.


  1. The thickness of the storage bag is also critical. Generally speaking, there are three types in the market, 0.06mm, 0.08mm and 0.1mm. The most suitable one for domestic use is 0.08mm.


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