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October 30,2021

Is furniture cover really useful?


Generally, special furniture dust sheets such as dust-proof bedspread, sofa furniture dust-proof cover, balcony quilt pad can be used to cover furniture dust. It is recommended to choose high-density dust-proof cloth (100% polyester cotton), which can adsorb the dust to the surface of the dust-proof cloth and minimize the influx of dust into the furniture. In fact, the furniture cover is very convenient to use. It is very important to shop on the furniture when you are not at home and throw the washing machine when it is dirty.


furniture cover


How to buy furniture cover?


  • Color and style of furniture cover


The color requirements are very soft, generally light pink, light blue or light yellow, neat and easy to clean. The material is very soft and hygroscopic without any irritation. The appearance is very elegant and warm, neat and convenient, and easy cleaning is a basic principle of decoration.


  • Quality of furniture cover


Take a look at whether there are color differences and wrinkles on the surface of the cover, whether the flower case of the cover is very clear and whether the color is uniform. After looking it, we can also touch the cover with our hands to feel its texture and whether the thickness of the cover is consistent. You can also smell it. If the cushion sleeve has any peculiar smell, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is relatively high. At the same time, you can cut a small sample of the cushion sleeve and wipe the cushion sleeve with a wet cloth to observe whether it will be decolorized.


Cleaning of furniture cover


Furniture cover will inevitably accumulate dust. Usually, you can tap it gently to remove the dust. It can be cleaned every other period of time, and the cleaning shall be carried out according to different materials.


Cotton fabric:


  1. It has good alkali resistance and heat resistance. It can be washed by hand or machine, but it is not suitable for chlorine bleaching;


  1. The white cover can be washed at high temperature with alkaline detergent to bleach;


  1. Do not soak, wash in time;


  1. It should be dried in the shade to avoid exposure to the sun, so as not to fade the dark cover;


  1. Wash separately from other clothes;


  1. Do not screw dry.


Linen fabric:


  1. The washing requirements are basically the same as those for cotton fabrics;


  1. When washing, it should be softer than cotton fabric. It is forbidden to scrub or twist.


Polyester fabric:


  1. It can be washed with all kinds of washing liquid and soap;


  1. The washing temperature is below 45 ℃;


  1. Machine washable, hand washable and dry washable;


  1. You can brush it with a brush.


Nylon fabric:


  1. General synthetic detergent shall be selected, and the water temperature shall not exceed 45 ℃;


  1. Twist gently, avoid exposure to the sun and drying;


  1. Low temperature steam ironing;


  1. Ventilate and dry in the shade after washing.


Maintenance of furniture cover:


The maintenance of furniture covers should also be carried out according to different materials.


Cotton fabric:


  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so as not to reduce the firmness and cause discoloration and yellowing;


  1. Wash and dry, place in dark and light colors;


  1. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid moisture to avoid mildew;


Hemp fabric: 


basically the same as cotton fabric.


Polyester fabric:


  1. Do not expose to the sun;


  1. Not suitable for drying.


Nylon fabric:


  1. The ironing temperature should not exceed 110 degrees;


  1. Do not dry iron when ironing.


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