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October 30,2021

Outdoor furniture and patio furniture, which have many uses in summer and autumn, how to pack in winter? Even if it is treated to a certain degree to withstand wind, frost, rain and snow, or placed under a terrace shed without being completely exposed to the outside weather, these furniture also require additional maintenance and storage. The following methods are introduced today, so that when you re-enjoy outdoor life next spring, you can see that these furniture are in 100% good condition.


patio table sets cover


📌Clean first:


The most important step is to clean the furniture before storage. Moisture and dirt are left on it, which is easy to grow mold in winter. The mold grows and spreads very quickly, and when you turn out the furniture, you will find that they are completely different. Wicker, wrought iron, metal mesh or plastic furniture can be cleaned with dish detergent and water. Wooden furniture can be cleaned with Murphy Oil Soap and water, and finally rinsed and dried; if there are hard-to-remove stains, mix 1 cup of liquid ammonia, 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of baking soda and mix 1 gallon of water with a soft brush to brush the stains, rinse and dry thoroughly. The cushions should also be cleaned before putting them away. If the outsourcing material is general cloth or canvas, you can mix 1 gallon of hot water with 1/2 cup of water, use a soft brush to clean them, and finally rinse the cushion thoroughly and dry it. More serious stains require 1/2 cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water to clean, but it is best to try on a small area first.


📌Coating protective film: 


After cleaning, apply a protective film to outdoor furniture. A thin layer of car wax can be applied to the surface of aluminum or plastic furniture, and a layer of paste wax can be applied to wicker furniture; The furniture is sprayed with a layer of silicone sealant.


📌Put on the cover:


The furniture cover is a good thing to protect the furniture from the external environment, even if you put the furniture in the tool shed or garage. Furniture covers come in various shapes, sizes, and weights, depending on whether you plan to leave the furniture outdoors or put it indoors. For example, stackable chair covers are a cover that is put on the stack of chairs after the outdoor chairs are folded up one by one. You can choose products made of PE material, with reinforced piping, UV-proof and waterproof. Another example is patio table & chair set covers that can cover a set of tables and chairs. When purchasing, check whether you have elastic rings and elastic bands to ensure that the legs of the chair can be covered.


patio table sets cover


📌How to choose a table and chair cover?


Look at the material:


When purchasing a table and chair cover, you must first consider the material. The table and chair cover is used to prevent dust and protect the surface of the table and chair, so try to choose wear-resistant and washable fabrics, such as synthetic chemical fiber materials, which are relatively thin and durable. If you choose a thick cotton fabric, it will absorb the smell of food, and it will not be easy to clean and take care of if it is dirty.


Look at the color:


Color is a very important factor when choosing a table and chair cover. While paying attention to the beauty, it should also match the style of the table and chair. White is natural and pure, orange is bright and warm, blue is calm and noble, red is passionate and unrestrained, and other colors have their own characteristics. Generally, it is bright and light. You can choose according to your own preferences, but it should not be too fancy.


Look at the pattern: 


The pattern of the table and chair cover can be simple, such as a checkered pattern, which will feel more warm. You can also print the pattern of plants and flowers to create a casual and natural dining atmosphere. If you want a luxurious and exquisite style, you can choose a table and chair cover with exquisite embroidery.


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