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October 30,2021

Nowadays, pets are no longer simple playmates, but more like a kind of spiritual sustenance. When you are tired, being able to have a warm and furry "friends" who will not dodge will relax yourself more. Ensuring the healthy diet of "intimate friend" has also received more and more attention. Therefore, today we will discuss petfood plastic packing.


petfood plastic packing


What is the material of petfood plastic packing?


Most of the pet plastic packaging bags on the market are made of PVA. Polyvinyl alcohol is a hydrolysate of polyvinyl acetate, which is transparent, non-toxic, and tasteless; it has excellent gas barrier properties, water resistance and oil resistance; and its chemical stability and printing properties are very good, and it has no static electricity; therefore, it is the first choice for petfood plastic packing.


The packaging bag made of polyvinyl alcohol has a significant effect on preventing the oxidation, discoloration, taste and deterioration of food, and maintaining the freshness of food.


Why use PVA plastic to make petfood plastic packing?


  • PVA film is water-soluble and soluble in cold water. The water dissolution speed can be designed and selected, and it is non-toxic and non-polluting;


  • Itis an anti-static film. Unlike other plastic films, it has good anti-static properties. In the process of using water-soluble film to package products, it will not reduce its plasticity and electrostatic adhesion and dust performance due to static electricity.;


  • Moisture and gas transmission rate. The water-soluble film has strong permeability to moisture and ammonia gas, but has good barrier properties to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas. These characteristics make it possible to keep the ingredients and original smell of the packaged product intact;


  • Heat-sealable water-soluble packaging film has good heat-sealability and is suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing. The heat sealing strength is related to temperature, humidity, pressure, time and other conditions, generally greater than 200g/cm2;.


  • Mechanical properties. Mechanical properties of water-soluble packaging film: strong modulus 2500~400kg/cm2, tensile strength 400~200kg/cm2, tearing force 200~50kg/cm2, elongation 150~220%;


  • Oil resistance and chemical resistance. Water-soluble packaging film has good oil resistance (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat resistance, resistance to organic solvents and carbohydrates, but strong alkalis, strong acids, chlorine free radicals and others can chemically react with PVA, such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes, etc. It is recommended not to use water-soluble film for packaging of such substances.



In addition to petfood plastic packing, what other applications do PVA have?


  • Pesticides and chemical products are packed in lined bags. Avoid touching pesticides and chemical products with your hands, and there are no residual pesticides in the plastic bag;


  • Cement additives (silica fume, etc.) packaging bags. Avoid dust flying and harm the environment;


  • Embroidery, wigs and other fabric carriers. Set off the carrier for easy cleaning;


  • Artificial large-scale stone release film. A water-soluble film is placed in the molded film, which can be quickly demolded;


  • Curved printing (water transfer). After printing on the film, it can be transferred to the curved surface;


  • Seed belt. Pack the seeds at regular intervals and then bury them in the ground, saving valuable seeds and eliminating the busy thinning;


  • Hospital washing packaging bags. It can be washed without touching contaminated clothes;


  • Hot water soluble film is suitable for clothing packaging;


  • After being compounded with other plastics, it can be used for food preservation packaging and air cushion bags.


Form the above content, we have summarized the advantages of PVA petfood plastic packing. So you can feel relieve to use it for your pets. We are customized wholesale petfood plastic packing manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter for sale, if you have any doubts, welcome to contact us at any time.