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October 29,2021

As a plastic PE PVC food bag coffee bag exporter, we attach great importance to food packaging. Because they are in direct contact with our mouths. And enter our body. Therefore, we must ensure that it is safe to contact with food. Our plastic PE PVC food bag coffee bag is food-grade and follows strict, government-monitored manufacturing processes.


Many plastics are used in food packaging bags, such as the packaging of coffee beans, the outer packaging of melon seeds and nuts. There are many types of plastic packaging for food contact, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), polyester (PET), polycarbonate (PC), etc. Among them, polyethylene (PE) is a kind of thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene.


Food bags are generally made of PE, polyethylene, PP, and polypropylene. Food bags are used for food packaging. Synthetic resins are almost always used in plastics. Resin is the most important component in plastics, which acts as an adhesive and can bond the other components of the plastic into a whole. Although adding various additives can change the properties of plastics, resin is the fundamental factor that determines the type, performance and use of plastics.


 plastic PE PVC food bag Coffee bag manufacturer



PE is actually food quality plastic. Polyethylene is scentless, non-toxic, feels like wax, possesses outstanding reduced temperature level protection (lowest make use of temperature level can reach -100 ~ -70 ℃), excellent chemical stability, and can endure most acids and antacid (certainly not resisting to oxidizing features) Acid).

Polyethylene is actually incredibly sensitive to environmental anxiety (chemical as well as technical effects), and its protection to heat getting older is actually much worse than the chemical structure and processing of plastics. Polyethylene can be refined by basic polycarbonate creating methods. It has a variety of utilization, generally utilized to produce movies, packaging products, containers, pipes, monofilaments, cords as well as wires, day-to-day requirements, etc, and also could be made use of as high-frequency protecting materials for tvs, radars, and so on.



PVC is an economical and also very flexible polycarbonate. It may be formulated as firm or even versatile, has high effect strength, really good perspective security, is oxygen porous, and works as an obstacle to oil as well as oil. PVC is actually utilized in tubes for food items as well as drink requests, and also sore packaging for respiration mints or even gum.


When choosing a food items bag for a meals bag/coffee bag, you require to utilize the observing procedures to pinpoint as well as make use of plastic food items bags.


Sensory testing approach: non-toxic plastic bags are actually milklike white, see-through, or flat and translucent, pliable, smooth to the contact, as well as waxy on the surface; harmful plastic bags are actually cloudy or light-toned yellow in different colors, and also feel viscid and astringent.


Water testing approach: Put the plastic bag in the water and also push it right into all-time low of the water. The non-toxic plastic bag possesses a small particular gravitation as well as can easily emerge. The harmful plastic bag has a large particular gravitation and also kitchen sinks.


Fire discovery method: Safe polyethylene plastic bag is actually flammable, the flame is blue, the upper end is actually yellow, as well as it leaks like candle light rips when burning, has a paraffin smell, a lot less smoke, and hazardous PVC plastic bags are actually certainly not flammable and far from the fire When it is snuffed out, the flame is actually yellow, all-time low is green, it can be relaxed and also could be drawn, and it possesses a stimulating smell of hydrochloric acid.


Odor diagnosis technique: Plastic bags made from recycled materials have an uncomfortable scent.


Shake diagnosis strategy: support one end of the plastic bag along with your hand as well as shake it hard, those along with a crisp noise are actually non-toxic; those with an ordinary audio are actually harmful.


These methods can help you choose the correct plastic food bag and ensure food safety.