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October 30,2021

Plastic and packaging complement each other, because plastic is durable, strong, moisture-proof, and anti-fouling (anti-fouling), and can be made into almost any shape through processes such as injection molding. So, plastic electronic product bag is widely used on the market.


plastic electronic product bag


Vacuum plastic packaging bag is a common packaging product in all kinds of plastic packaging. Compared with ordinary plastic bags, it has obvious advantages in packaging performance, environmental protection performance and aesthetics, but the quality of vacuum plastic packaging bags also may be good or bad. So how to choose plastic electronic vacuum packaging bags?


Factors to consider when choosing plastic electronic product bag




The thickness of vacuum plastic packaging bags is represented by the "silk" measurement unit. The thickness of vacuum plastic packaging products is generally 6-8 silks. The thicker the bag, the greater the number of "silks". Generally, 6-8 silk vacuum plastic packaging is better, moderate, soft and durable, and can be used for about five years.




Choosing the specifications of plastic electronic product bag, you should also pay attention to the field of use of vacuum plastic packaging and the things that need to be contained. Generally, vacuum packaging bags have sizes and models to choose from, and they must be reasonably selected according to actual use needs. We provide various specifications, welcome to contact us for customization.




The first thing to look at is the material of the plastic packaging. In general, PET+PE bags have good adhesion. They are also used more often today, also called high-strength composite films, but the material itself is brittle. Plastic packaging of MOPE and PVC is common in supermarkets. This material is generally viscous, relatively soft, but prone to air leakage. Therefore, the most high-quality vacuum bag material at present is PA+PE material, which has high viscosity and good flexibility, and is not easy to leak. However, due to the high cost, it has not been popularized and used.


In addition, common plastic packaging includes:


📌PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)-transparent, shiny and very tough. Very suitable for protection, often used in beverage bottles;


📌HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)-Hard and tough, waxy in appearance. Often used in detergent bottles;


📌PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)-It can be soft or hard depending on the additives. Used in clothing, wire sheaths, windows, pipes, etc;


📌LDPE (low density polyethylene)-waxy, slippery to the touch, tough. Commonly used in postal polyethylene bags, sandwich bags, and packaging materials;


📌PP (polypropylene)-light and hard, this can be seen in woven bags, bottle caps, barrels, beverage cups, auto parts, etc;


📌PS (Polystyrene)-usually white, polystyrene is brittle but tough and is a good insulator. Used for toy stuffing, molded packaging (see the padding section below), and disposable food containers and tableware;


📌Other types of plastics—These plastics are generally not easy to recycle, so they are not a good choice for brands looking for more environmentally friendly options. An important choice here is EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), which is a multifunctional foam that comes in sheets or expanded foam blocks and comes in a variety of colors. It is waterproof, elastic and durable, and can be used for padding because it can absorb shocks, waterproof and isolate products well.


From PET to PS, the recyclability rate is getting lower and lower. Therefore, while pursuing cost performance, we should also pay attention to environmental protection.


Nowadays, which kind of electronic product packaging bag is popular to use?


First of all, the packaging bags of electronic products have; Aluminum foil bags, shielding bags, PE bags, vacuum bags, anti-static bags. How to choose moisture-proof class, anti-static class, shielding class?


There are three aspects of anti-static packaging for electronic products. Direct contact, storage environment, and transportation during movement.


  • Prevent the generation of friction electricity;


  • Free from the influence of electrostatic field;


  • Prevent direct discharge from contact with charged human body or charged object;


Its standard resistance value is :10^6~10^11 is antistatic, 10^3~10^5 is conductive, 10^12 is insulator. The general anti-static is between 10^6~10^9.


From the above content, we know that not all plastic packaging bags are environmentally friendly. Therefore, we should carefully consider before purchasing. We are customized wholesale plastic electronic product bag manufacturer, supplier, factory, exporter for sale, welcome to contact us for a free quote.