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October 30,2021

from a washing mesh bag manufacturer

It seems crazy to throw jeans, socks, and silk clothes into the washing machine, and our silk clothes may be damaged. But washing separately does not seem to be an environmentally friendly option. Our washing laundry mesh bag manufacturer will tell you the reason why washing laundry mesh bag can protect your clothes.


What is washing laundry mesh bag?

The washing laundry mesh bag is a bag used to protect clothes during machine washing. It is made of breathable and microporous material. Put underwear, sweaters or other items that are afraid of deformation into it, zip it up, and put it in the washing machine. That's it. Bags made of polyester mesh cloth or mesh nylon (somewhat like mosquito nets) are used to dry sweaters and wash underwear. They are used to separate clothes for fear of staining and damage.



The laundry bag is divided into fine mesh and coarse mesh. The fine mesh is dense as gauze, and the coarse mesh is the size of a normal straw. For fragile clothes, such as sweaters, use a fine mesh laundry bag; for thicker materials, such as curtain cloth, use a coarse mesh.


The difference between fine mesh and coarse mesh laundry bags

The difference between a fine net and a thick net lies in the pulling force of the water on the clothes. The water flow of the coarse net has a strong pulling force, and the washing power is higher than that of a fine net. However, if the clothes are not too dirty, choose a fine net to protect the clothes and reduce the cotton dust generated by the friction of other clothes, and it is not easy to pilling.


The laundry bag can be divided into single-layer, double-layer and three-layer, so that the laundry bag separates each piece of clothing and reduces fiber friction. If clothes of different fibers are placed in the same laundry bag, the clothes with coarse material will not only wear out the clothes with finer texture, but also the clothes with coarse texture over time. As for the shape of various laundry bags, they are tailor-made according to the size of the clothes. The pill-shaped laundry bag is suitable for washing underwear, the triangular three-dimensional laundry bag is suitable for washing socks, the cylindrical laundry bag is suitable for washing thick sweaters, and the square shape is suitable for washing shirts. Zhang Huiqi said that if a small piece of clothing is thrown into a large laundry bag, there will be no laundry bag, and the clothes will still be pulled strongly by the washing machine.


washing laundry mesh bag


Benefits of using washing laundry mesh bag

When choosing man-machine washing, we can prevent and avoid burrs, pilling, deformation, and holes in clothes after we use the laundry bag. Some laundry bags may not meet your expectations, you can choose a customized wholesale washing laundry mesh bag.


How to use the laundry mesh bag?

Put the clothes directly on the clothes, and then put the clothes in the washing machine to wash, can prevent the clothes from intertwining and deforming.


If you’re looking for a washing mesh bag for sale, here are some useful tips for you.


How to buy laundry mesh bags?

Steer clear of buying bags with draw strands. The cords can quickly get completed and tangled. Choose bags with zippers rather.


The mesh must be durable enough to stand up to washing. Seek micro-mesh created coming from nylon material or even rayon.


Ensure to certainly not sate your bag. Garments need to have to be capable to move around to receive clean.


Have a pair various sized bags available. You don't desire to throw one small thing into an extra-large bag, and also also, you do not desire to need to things one thing sizable into a little bag. And also, once you make a behavior to begin utilizing the bags, you'll find that you will certainly wind up requiring greater than one.


Can you put mesh bags in the dryer?

Dry them at the next step of washing your clothes. If you are drying them in the sun, you can ignore this step. If you need to use a dryer, then please pay attention to this issue.


After machine washing, remove the mesh bag before putting it in the washing machine. No need to put in the dryer.


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