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November 01,2021

To store firewood would be a difficult thing in rainy days, the best way is to carry them into the room. However if there is not enough space for them, a waterproof firewood bag would help. But how to select a waterproof firewood bag, it is a challenge for most people who have no idea about this goods. And today we are going to talk about the benefits of waterproof firewood bag and how to choose one.


waterproof firewood bag


The benefits of waterproof firewood bag


Fire wood seasoning is the process of taking newly cut wood and also preparing it to be shed in the ultimate client's application. When trees are chopped down and also reduce, there is usually significant amounts of wetness still existing in the wood. This is an undesirable circumstance available for sale as moist firewood does not melt well and often never. This demanded a process within the sector for properly preparing the wood for eventual sale. This procedure would eventually be called flavoring. Spices is where the fresh reduced fire wood is stored in a dry environment to permit the timber to breathe and the wetness to evaporate in time. Essentially it is a glorified drying out procedure.


How to choose a waterproof firewood bag


The material of a waterproof firewood bag is the most important factor, therefore the key to choose a quality waterproof firewood bag is to choose the right material of a waterproof firewood bag. And we are going to talk about the types of fabric material made of bag.


The waterproof fabric material could be mainly divided into three different types


Waterproof canvas


Waterproof canvas refers to a kind of fabric which is used for waterproof or moisture-proof, moisture-proof and cold-proof after special process. It generally refers to the series of coated plastic cloth. It is made of fiber fabric and chemical filling materials, after dipping, coating, scraping, drying, cold and other production processes. It is made of high strength polyester fabric, high quality resin powder, plasticizer, stabilizer and so on, 100% waterproof.




gore-tex performs well both in waterproof and ventilation which is made by a thin film of is placed on the top of the fabric to form a high quality waterproof fabric. It is characterized by about 1.4 billion holes per square meter, and each hole is only one twentieth of the size of a small water drop, so the air permeability is very high and the water droplets will not pass through.




The advantage of tarps over waterproof fabrics is that they are extremely light and cool. Because the bottom layer is a very tough film to resist water pressure, and the center is a highly porous layer with large micropores. It is very small in size and light in weight, so it is often used to make waterproof clothes for sports.


All of the fabric material we have mentioned above have a good performance in water resistance so you can choose. If you are looking for a waterproof firewood bag manufacturer, please spend a few minutes visiting our website and we are looking forward to be your first choice.


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