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October 30,2021

The air conditioner cover can protect the dust of the air conditioner to a certain extent, and has a certain degree of aesthetics. Before choosing an air conditioner cover, you need to confirm the size of the air conditioner and then choose a customized wholesale air conditioner cover.


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How to determine the size of the air conditioner cover

The size of the air conditioner cover is mainly related to the model and specifications of the air conditioner. Generally, there will be a mark in the operating manual of the air conditioner. If you can’t find the manual, you can also measure it yourself. Use a tape measure to measure the length, width, and height of the air conditioner. Add 2-3cm on the basis (to prevent the air conditioner cover from being too small to fit and possible shrinkage in the future) to get the required air conditioner cover size.


We are an air conditioner cover manufacturer,supplier,factory, exporter, there are many a hot air conditioner cover for sale. We often receive this question- Is the air conditioner cover mesh good or the cloth good? Now I will answer for you.


When the indoor air conditioner is not in use, it is usually protected by an air conditioner cover to prevent dust from entering. The common materials of the air conditioner cover are mainly mesh and cloth.


1. The mesh air conditioner veil is relatively soft, and the sag will be more natural when hung, and the outer edge of the mesh material usually has lace edges, which is more beautiful.


2. The cloth of the air conditioner cover is denser, not as easy to draw as net yarn, and it has better protection against dust.


In fact, the choice of material for the air conditioner cover is not very important. It is mainly for aesthetics and dust cover. You can choose mesh material or fabric material. Pay attention to the size and air conditioner. The style is more beautiful and conforms to the home decoration style. .

How to choose an air conditioner cover


The size of different air conditioners is different, and the size of the air conditioner cover that needs to be used is also different. Generally, the size of the air conditioner is measured first, and then a slightly larger air conditioner cover size can be selected according to this size.



The material of the air conditioner cover is mainly mesh and fabric. You can choose either. However, you should pay attention when choosing. Try to choose a soft silk for the mesh air conditioner cover, and choose a denser fabric for the cloth air conditioner cover.



The color of the air-conditioning cover is generally selected according to personal preference. The color that is more suitable for the inside air-conditioning cover is light yellow, which is more versatile. Secondly, pink and purple are also commonly used. When choosing, you need to see whether the color of the air-conditioning cover matches the home decoration style. For outside, I think black is better.


4. Details

Including sewing parts, workmanship, etc., try to choose better quality and fine workmanship air-conditioning covers.


Can the air conditioner cover be used with the air conditioner on

It is generally not recommended to turn on the air conditioner when the air conditioner cover is not removed. The main reason is that it is not good for the air conditioner. The possible hazards of using the air conditioner with the air conditioner cover are:


1. Affect the effect of cooling or heating, because the air conditioner cover wraps the entire air conditioner, and the air inlet and outlet are all wrapped in the air conditioner cover, which affects the convection of the air and affects the use effect of the air conditioner. The heat takes longer and wastes electricity.


2. The air permeability performance of the air conditioner cover is generally poor, even the air permeability of the mesh is limited. The heat generated by the compressor of the air conditioner is difficult to dissipate during operation, causing the air conditioner to heat up, which will affect the service life of the air conditioner compressor. In severe cases, it may cause damage to the air conditioner.


Therefore, if you want to use the air conditioner, you need to remove the air conditioner cover first, and then power on the air conditioner. Do not use the air conditioner with the air conditioner cover. Of course, there are also some air conditioner covers on the market that do not need to be removed. The air conditioner cover can be put away without affecting the cooling and heating effect and the heat dissipation of the air conditioner. When you want to use it, separate the air conditioner cover and tie the rope.


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